About Us

Gymana Wear

About the brand:

We wanted to create a brand that unifies fitness, fashion, and comfort. We truly want you to feel the best while working out in our activewear. Every day we are trying to create something that it's unique to you, without losing the main focus of activewear, elevating your workouts.

You deserve to feel special and comfortable in your body and also in your gym fit and we hope and want Gymana Wear to help you out with it. Fitness is not always easy, but we make sure to make it easier.

About the Founder:

Her name is Endurance, and for her whole life, she has been working out, from playing basketball to lifting weights at the gym. 

Her passion for sports led her to create Gymana Wear, an activewear brand powered by women for women. 

She has grown up mostly with her mother, so she has faced the difficulty and judgment of being raised by a single parent, but her love for fashion and sport is what allowed her to keep going and never give up.

The team and Endurance, want to demonstrate through fashion and fitness that everything is possible, and though moments do not last and though people last.

Hard moments are what shape us as human beings, and allow us to build the skills of confidence and courage, this is what Gymana Wear is all about.